Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mammoth Cave

We took the boys to Mammoth Cave on Tuesday.
We all loved it so much...we already want to go
back! It is such and amazing part of creation that
most people never see! As we were on our way Aden
said, "I can't believe we're going in a REAL cave!"
My little "cave men"...

Entering Mammoth Cave...

Austin and Daddy down a deep slope!

Aden making it through "fat man's squeeze"...
and yes I made it through as well! :)

The four of us taking a break as we hiked down!

Austin took advantage of the coolness and
darkness of the cave and fell asleep as we were
almost 300 feet below ground! Poor Robert had to
carry him the whole way out....what a workout!!!

We had such a fun and exciting day together! So much
fun for two little boys....aren't boys SO much fun??!!

Dinosaur World

After a morning of caving, we took the
boys to Dinosaur World! There were more
than 300 life size dinosaurs to see! Aden and
Austin both LOVE dinosaurs, so they loved it!!

Digging for fossils was so much fun....they each
got to keep 3 to bring home with them!

After a hot and humid day, the fan in the movie
theatre became a favorite attraction for ALL
of us!!!

We're going to the chapel...

My younger brother got married on May 16th.
The wedding was so beautiful and we are so
excited to have Megan in our family! They are
such a beautiful couple and two of the sweetest
people in the world! I didn't get a lot of pictures
since me and both of the boys were in the wedding.
Poor Robert chased us all around trying to snap
when he could!
Wes and Megan with ALL 6 kids! They were
all adorable!

Megan looked so beautiful! She really is a
beautiful person, inside and out! I'm so lucky
to be getting another wonderful sister!

Kissing cousins...

Mommy and Aden...

Another pose with the kids after the wedding!

My little man posing for a quick picture!

Austin was the "wild man" of the wedding and
certainly the entertainment!

Uncle Wes and Austin getting dressed!

A snapshot of the rehearsal dinner...

My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at
their was outside under a big tent!
Everything was so beautiful and so delicious!

Franklin Rodeo...

Another fun year at the Franklin Rodeo!
This was our third year to go to the rodeo and
it has become a family favorite!!!
Gotta love the hats!!

On our way...

Ride em' cowboy! Aden did a great job riding
the bucking bull!

Enjoying the cotton candy...

Mommy and her cowboys...

Happy Mother's Day

Mommy celebrating Mother's Day at school
with my big boy!

Hugs from Austin...

Mimi and Grampy with all the kiddos....
just think in a few weeks we will add
another one to the mix!

Happy Mother's Day mom! You are an amazing
woman and friend and we are so thankful to have
you as our mother! God has definitly blessed our
family through you!! We love you so very much!!

Happy Birthday to us!

We celebrated our 33rd birthday on Mother's Day
this year! It is so special to have one of my best friends
to celebrate my birthday with every year! It was so
great to be with everybody! Happy Birthday Dave...
I love ya!

Congratulations Uncle Wes!!

Congratulations Uncle Wes on your
marketing degree from U.T....we
are so proud of you!!!
Wes and the kiddos...

Me and my sweet brothers....

Congratulations Uncle Wes...we love you so very much!