Thursday, October 30, 2008


Dollywood was GREAT! We had SO much fun!
It was all of the kids first trip to an amusement park,
and they all had a blast!! They were all such troopers
all day long! I have to say, I think the adults had
just as much fun as the kiddos!
Our family at Dollywood...
Mommies and the "big boys" having some fun!

Aden and Elan were cracking us up with their maps
of the park! We knew just where to go with these two
giving directions! Ha!

Aden and Emery LOVING the playground!

Can you believe these 2 are big enough to ride all by themselves??!!
I think they would have ridden for days! :)

My favorite picture....everybody looking and smiling! :)

The guys on the pulley ride!

Dark picture, but I had to post this one! I still
cannot believe that April go me on this old wooden
roller coaster! I hate roller coasters and I hate heights!
What was I thinking???
I was really glad that I did it once it was over and what
better person to ride with than one of your best buddies!!

We had another wonderful time Jay and April! We are so
blessed by your friendship and look forward to next year!

Fun in the mountains...

Our annual trip to the mountains with the Segadi's.
This was our fourth year to enjoy the beautiful mountains
with some very best friends!
Enjoyning the Great Smokey Mountains...

Aden and Elan on one of their many "bear hunts"!

Austin and Emery cheesin' for the camera!

The adults get a quick picture by Aden!

Enjoying games on a cold rainy night at the cabin....

The guys building firetrucks...lots of little helpers!

The first year the "big boys" actually slept by themselves!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

UT Football Game....

We enjoyed going to the UT/Mississippi State
football game Saturday night! The boys' LOVED it!
It was Austin's first UT game...he did great!
We were so excited that they won...GO VOLS!!
Aden and Austin loving Smokey!!
The Pride of the Southland marching band...
Enjoying the game and trying to stay warm!
POPCORN....the boys' favorite part! Aden posing with the band...they came right by our seats
during the 3rd quarter!
Two exhausted little boys after an awesome win!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Girls Weekend...

We had such a wonderful girls weekend in Atlanta!

It's always to nice to spend quality time with your girlfriends!

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

Out for coffee after a WONDERFUL dinner and a girly movie!

Ready to shop! We went to the Atlanta Apparel Market
with Ashley (our buyer). We have our name badges on and we are ready!!

After a FULL day of shopping...we were so exhausted and

so hungry!! Thanks Ashley for such a great time!!

Gentry's Farm

Our annual trip to Gentry's...
The boys have both had their pictures made on
the Genry truck every year since they were born!

Enjoying the animals...everything big brother does little brother does too! So sweet!

Time out for some yummy popcorn!


We always have so much fun at Gentry's Farm!

It is a very special place to our family! We look forward to many

more years to visit!


One of Aden's favorite things to do is to dress up.
Mimi bought the boys several costumes to play dress up in.
Here's one of the favorites....a pirate!!!
" Off with his head!!!"
Quick hug from my serious little pirate!