Monday, September 24, 2007

Aden & Austin

Well, here it is...our family blog! I just couldn't miss out on all of the fun of blogging! Ha! I've enjoyed reading so many of yours and keeping up with your kids, who, by the way, are growing up entirely too fast!! I decided to give it a try after Rebekah convinced me that I could do it!'s our first post...all about our boys, of course! :)

Our boys, Aden 3 years, and Austin 7 1/2 months, are the joys of our lives! They are the best of buddies already and completely adore each other! They humor their mommy and let her "pretend" to be a photographer, even though it's never any child's favorite pastime...picture taking...ugghh!!

These are pictures we made last week, I really wanted overall pictures with no shirts. I thought we might should hurry since it is mid September, but the way the forecast is looking, we might be able to do Christmas pictures like this! Ha! We're really ready for fall and some cooler weather around the Byrd house! Aden is already watching Rudolph and The Polar Express, and is so excited to go sledding in the snow!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Football Time in Tennessee

This is actaully the second home game of the year, and Aden has been to both of them! (They were both 7:00 pm games, but he is a trooper!) He loves the VOLS, just like his daddy! I think his blood already runs orange!!
He loves singing Rocky Top with the band and cracks us up when the good old Rocky Top...whew part comes up and he throws his arm straight up in to the air and yells to the top of his lungs! Also, the fireworks after the touchdowns are a highlight of his game. But, I have to say that the BEST part of all is the....popcorn!! He absolutely loves it and is convinced that's one of the real reasons to go to a football game!
The last game, several members of the band came around to different sections of the stadium, along with the cheerleaders, and played Rocky Top....he thought that was great since he could all but touch the band members! One of the funniest things of the night, though, was when I noticed him giving every person that walked up the stairs beside his seat a high-five! All complete strangers, but he didn't care...he just stuck his little hand out for a friendly high-five! Most everyone were good sports and just high-fived him and went on! They were wearing the big orange so I guess he thought they were all nice people! Ha!
We all had fun at the game, and it definately helped that Tennessee won...48 nto 27!