Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everyone's Looking!

We were excited to get to play with our sweet cousins, Emma, Ella,
and Ethan, on Tuesday! I was so excited to get a picture of all 5 kids looking at the camera! They had so much fun!

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Playing in the sand...

looking for treasures...

snoozing at the beach...

Aden caught 3 crabs when he went crab fishing...

and then he ate them!!! YUMMY!

Putt Putt...

Aden and Austin's first putt putt adventure...

Aden concentrating...

Austin has his own way of getting it in the hole...pick it up and put it in!!

Aden got a HOLE-IN-ONE all by himself!!

Fun night with our family!

Beach Fun...

Playing in the sand and burying daddy!
Burying Aden and Ausitn
G-Daddy and the boys...
Mommy Sybil digging with Austin
I love this picture of Aden...such a boy! :)

Beachin' and Crabbin'

We enjoyed our 2nd beach trip of the summer with
The Byrd's in North Myrtle Beach.......
Austin LOVING the sand!

Daddy and his boys going crab fishing...

G-Daddy showing the boys a crab!

Mommy and her beach babes!

Digging...our favorite thing to do at the beach!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Aden's Big Run

Aden ran his first run today at the
YMCA in Brentwood!

Aden and Grampy before the big run!
Aden ran the ENTIRE mile and is so proud of his ribbon!
He did get going so fast that he had some falls, but he and Mimi got those fixed up at the EMT trailor! Nothing a band-aid couldn't fix!
Out like a light before we got home! He had been up since 5:20 and ran a whole mile!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aden turns 4!!!

Aden's pirate pool party...
Happy 4th Birthday Aden!
Make a wish....
I love this picture of Aden sneaking a bite of icing...
it's the favorite part, just like his mommy!

Everybody ready for cake??!!
The dads enjoyed a little pool time too!

I just cannot believe that our sweet little Aden is 4 years old! He is the most precious little boy ever! He's just an angel and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations! We love you so much Aden and are so proud of the wonderful little boy that you are!

Happy Birthday Aden

Jaci Kate and Aden
Sword fight at the pirate party ...
"Super Man Aden "
Austin got a big red pump knot for Aden's B-Day!
Three Musketeers...