Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Run with Grampy

Aden was so excited to run the
Franklin Classic with Grampy!
He ran the kids kilometer and did
great...he didn't stop the entire .6 of
a mile!
Aden and Grampy before the big race!

Aden asked if this was a "real" race...
you betcha it was!!

Almost there....

Yay!! Way to go Aden!!!

There were so many fun things for
the kids...blow up slides, face painting,
etc... The boys were excited to get a quick
picture with Gnash!!

Ready, aim, FIRE!! The boys having fun down town
Franklin after the run!!

Climbing of my boys' favorite things
to do! We went to the park on a picnic with Mimi and
Grampy after the race! We had a great Labor Day!!

Go Big Orange!

It's that time of year again...UT football season!
The boys are so excited...all 4 of them!! :)

First Day of School

After a busy and eventful summer, I think the
boys were excited that school was starting!

My big boys!

Big brother opening the door for Austin as
he goes for his very first day of school!

Aden ready for Pre-K 5!!

Austin ready for his first day!!
They both had such a great first day of school!
We are so blessed by The Little School...such wonderful
people to get our little guys ready for big school!

Sweet Brothers

I cannot tell you how much this baby is loved
by his sweet big brothers!

First Sunday to Church

Alex's first Sunday to church...we made it to
8:00 service on time with everyone dressed
and fed...I was pretty excited!!

First Bath

Alex LOVES bath you can see, I
have LOTS of good help!

Alexander Fleming Byrd