Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Predators!!!

We were excited to go to our 1st hockey game of the
season! It was Austin's 1st hockey game and he LOVED it!
The Preds won in a double overtime shoot-out!
We made it through the entire was GREAT!!!
The boys getting ready for the game!

Enjoying the game with my sweet boys!

Again, popcorn was a favorite part!

Photo of the game...compliments of Aden.

Fang Fingers....

Halloween Night...

Mommy and Daddy with our two little indians...

The boys with some of our neighbors...

I loved watching them trick-or-treat together!
Aden was so sweet to help Austin, although he
picked it up very quickly! Aden would ring the
door bell and Austin would knock!!

Carving Pumpkins and Baking Cupcakes

I love this picture of Aden taking care of Austin, &
pushing his sleeves up before they start carving!

Tools in hand and ready to carve!!!

"Now what is it we're getting out of here?!"

"Yuck! This is what we're getting out Austin,
now stand back and watch!!!"

"Where can I help??!!"

Sweet Daddy helping the boys carve their pumpkin!!

The carved pumpkin...didn't they do a GREAT job?!

Aden helping mommy bake Halloween cupcakes.
Aden loves to help in the kitchen, whether it be cooking or cleaning up!

Aden's decorated cupcakes....YUMMY!!!

Two Little Indian Boys...

Daddy getting the boys all painted up...

Hold very still.....

All dressed up and ready to go!

Aren't these the cutest little indians you've ever seen?

Big boy indian...

Austin's new word..."MINE"!!