Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ringling Bro.and Barnum & Bailey Circus

We had so much fun at our annual trip
to the circus! This is our 3rd year to go
and we all enjoy it SO much!!

The boys posing with a clown...

I promise Austin was having fun too...some of
his expressions are so funny!

The elephants are for sure my favorite part!

So much fun!

Such a great circus....we look forward to it every year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas morning was so much fun this year!
The boys are at such fun ages for all the "magic
of Christmas! They must have been good boys
this year, because Santa was good to them!
Aden with his castle, knights, horses, and dragons!
Austin trying to figure out his talking tools!

The boys have so much fun together....
I think they could have played for hours!

Austin was absolutley AMAZED that Santa
really ate the cookies and drank the milk that he
left for him! All morning, he kept walking over to
the plate and saying "Santa?" ....Precious!

Daddy getting it all on video!!

Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve the boys open their presents from
mommy and daddy....so we're ready for Santa on
Christmas morning!
Our tradition of Daddy reading "Twas the Night
Before Christmas" before bedtime!

Cookies and milk for Santa!

This Christmas stuff is great!

Aden with his dragons...


We took the boys to ICE this year! It was
the last year for the Grinch theme!
My brother, Wes and his fiance', Megan
came too! It was freezing, but SO much fun!
We were told it was 6 degrees in there with
millions of pounds of ice...guess you wouldn't expect
it to be too warm!
We love the Grinch!!


Aden and Uncle Wes...

Aden, red cheeks and all!