Friday, June 20, 2008

Lots of new posts...

It has taken me all day, on and off, to finish all of my posts from our vacation! So, as you read, keep scrolling down and even check the "older posts" to see new ones too! Sorry for so many at one time...I was on a roll! :)

Happy Father's Day Robert

Happy Father's Day Robert!
Our boys are so blessed to have such a WONDERFUL
Christian father! They love you so much!
Thank you for being a GREAT husband and
loving me and our boys the way that you do! I'm the luckiest
woman in the world!
We are hoping to get updated pictures with Robert's family
at our second beach trip of the summer! The second week in
July we are going to North Myrtle Beach with Robert's family.
Happy Father's Day G-Daddy, Uncle Herbert, Uncle David,
and Uncle Joel....we're looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Happy Father's Day Grampy

Happy Father's Day Grampy! We are so blessed
to have such a wonderful daddy and Grampy to
our kids! We all love you so much and appreciate all that you mean
to our family! Thank you so much for a
WONDERFUL trip to Hilton Head!

Happy Father's Day Pa

Aden and Austin with my pa, and their great-grandpa!
Happy Father's Day Pa...we love you so much!

Happy Father's Day Uncle David

My twin brother, David, is such a great daddy and
a great uncle to my boys!

Tiger Aden??

Aden's first trip to the driving range with his daddy.
He told me that he "made some shots".
Could this be the next Tiger Woods??

Hilton Head Island, SC

Shelter Cove Marina
Our family...
Mimi and Grampy with the kids...
Sweet brothers...
Wes and Megan

More beach pictures...

Our Little Super Star...

At least one night while we're in HH, we go down to the harbour/marina
and watch the "Shannon Tanner Show". This guy has been doing a sing-a-long/kid's show for
over 20 years in HH. After he sings a few songs, he chooses a few kids to sing their favorite song. This year Aden was convinced that he would be picked! He had practiced all day long, while I tried to prepare him that not everyone would be chosen. But, he WAS going to sing!!
So, the show starts and Aden had made his way to the very front, right at the feet of Mr. Shannon, raising his little hand as high as it would go each time! So, he picked a few kids here and there, but not Aden. I was so sad...he had his little heart set on it! He got to the end of the show and sang his "closing" song. Even after that song, Aden was still in his face with that little hand raised. I was heart-broken. Then I looked up and heard Mr. Shannon say "hi there." The next thing I know, I hear "what's your name?" And loud and clear over the microphone I heard "Aden". He then told the crowd that Aden said "just one more song" and of course he couldn't tell him no! Then I hear so loud "Jesus loves me He who died..." I couldn't even hardly see him for the tears in my eyes! Robert was videoing and my dad ran down front to make the pictures that you see! I think we were all crying before it was over!! Across the crowd I was hearing everyone say, ooohhh! Needless to say, that was a WONDERFUL ending to a WONDERFUL week!! I wouldn't take anything for that sweet little video!! :)

"The Shannon Tanner Show"

Aden singing...

Emma and Ella dancing and enjoying the show!

Sweet cousins...don't you just love the expressions?!

Playing at the beach

Uncle David and Daddy burying Aden in the sand!
Now, it's Uncle Wes's turn!
Austin cannot figure this out!!
Where did he go?
Megan and Austin snoozing at the ocean!

The Boys at the Beach

Fun in the Sun

Mommy and her boys...
Best Buddies...
Friendly little Austin...
Tired after a day at the beach...
Wes, Megan, and Aden

Fun with cousins...

Aden and Austin had so much fun with their cousins at the beach! Emma and Ella turned 2 while we were at HH...
EVERYBODY enjoyed their yummy birthday cake! 3 little monkey's jumping on the bed...
Digging a hole to China??
Fun in the sun with Mimi...
Sweet little Ethan...

Hilton Head Island

The boys LOVED the beach...
Sand is so WONDERFUL!!!
First sand castle of the week...
Aden loving the water...
Austin just can't get enough! This was his first trip to the beach!